Taizhou Wanda Stained Glass Corporation is established in 2003,she is one and only factory in East China who design,develop,and produce stained glass sheet and it's highly processed products .
      The factory is located in Jiangsu Province, only 2 hours to Shanghai by car ,shecovers more than 15,000 square meters, has the large-scale productivity and the reasonable necessary facility.Our main product includes: stained glasssheet,glassmosaics,churchpanels,tiffany lamps and crafts etc.
      The products blend both Chinese and Western cultures, integrated both Medieval classical and modern stlyle .Its unique techniques contribute to the features -- colorful and never fade ! this made the products grandeur and unique. The series products have widely used on square,high-grade office buliding, Private villa,club,hotel,cafe, restaurant,bar and furniture decoration etc.and is very popular in the united states ,Japan,Korea,Australia and the European countries .we believe the rich series will certainly meet the needs of various levels .